We’ve compiled a list of places that we use and resources that are vital to building a growing AdvoCare business. These are only our recommendations – if you find more affordable options, feel free to use those. Remember to be excellent in all things! If anything is missing or if you have additional questions, Contact Us here.

Misc Resources

BOM and Large Group Meeting Equipment

To make things easy, we’ve compiled a list of all the below equipment in to one list on Amazon, for easy reviewing and ordering.

Access it HERE.

They are also individually listed below. -Bose: (Pick your choice that suits your size of venue -McDaniel’s use the L1): http://www.bose.com -Microphone -Microphone chord – Screen if venue is not providing: Click Here for the Amazon Link -Ipod/Ipad with AdvoCare upbeat music playlist (link to McDaniel’s Spotify Event Lists: AdvoMix & AdvoMix2 ) -Aux chord -Projector with atleast 2500 lumens and HDMI or VGA connection: http://www.epson.com/ -Correct adapters for VGA or HDMI chord to laptop from Projector if using a Mac: http://store.apple.com -Extension Chord -Power Strip -Laptop with Presentation (presentations found in our Downloads section of this site) -Clicker

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